Government Shutdown and Obamacare in Michigan

Recently here on the Michigan Exchange I posted an article regarding the State of Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder’s advocation and decision to expand a portion of the Affordable Health Care Act. By January 1st 2014 hundreds of thousands of uninsured low income Michiganders are expected to be insured by the federally funded health care.
Making headlines today is the possibility of a government shutdown and the vote in congress on debunking Obamacare aka the Affordable Health Care Act. If no vote is reached today Friday, September 20th the economy will be affected due to the shutdown. Many workers will be laid off indefinitely, but Wall Street isn’t worried because as of late the nation has faced a possible government shutdown for the past couple of years after the recession.
While in D.C the nations leaders specifically are trying to eliminate Obamacare to alleviate some government spending, Snyder a republican governor has expanded Medicaid in Michigan, starting January 1st. And the question dawned on me today that Michigan is a “Red State,” a state dominated by republicans, so did Snyder publicly expand medicaid to increase his popularity rate here in the state? Because he is a republican in an office did he know of the looming government shutdown it’s effects and the house republicans plan to cut Obamacare as a solution?
If so, then inevitably his approval rating would increase because as of this month Michigan is the 25th state to support the federally funded health care act, it’s like Snyder is conceding with the Democrats on one thing so it seems.
But, if the vote comes back and Obamacare is slashed before January 1st Snyder has won and So have the Republicans in Congress.




  1. “Obamacare” could be a Trojan Horse , to promote single-payer.

    And here is a question that all news media are ignoring: would the shutdown of
    U S government on 10-01-13 stop operation of the US-run Exchanges, such as
    in Georgia, Alabama, etc. ??

    1. Completely agree about the Obamacare statement. Not speaking for the government as far as the US-run exchanges, but personally I think it would effect the exchanges because that is a portion of the import/exports of the economy and when the credit rating of the nation is affected, exchanges halt.

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